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November 12, 2007
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:power-phonecall: by LeoLeonardo :power-phonecall: by LeoLeonardo
So, this random idea sprung into my head recently. I don't really know where from, but it just did, allright? ;)

I know it's kinda lame, since the green guy doesn't power up before he dials or anything, but I'm still gonna call it a power-emote...

The arrows represent where the two emotes are. The green points out the green one, and the yellow points out the yellow one. Simple, eh? =P

If you can't tell, the yellow one says "Hello?" when he picks up the phone. :nod:

And that "CALL" thing above the phone is the same as from the Metal Gear games, I felt it would work nicely here. :lol:

I had to work my arse off for this. You may concider much of the post-processing work I did similar to green-screening in movies. That is, I made sure the piece didn't have any transparent pixels anywhere by a process which proved to work well, but was a lot more painfull than necessary. :dead:

It's getting really late now, and I just noticed that the Earth shakes a tad extra right before the scene fades out, but I honestly can't be arsed to muck about with it any more right now, maybe later. ^^;

Edit: Bah, I arsed myself to fix it right away anyways. I couldn't stand the fact that it was off. :shrug:

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjo... er... worked my arse off to make it! :#1:

Animation Frames: 230
Frame Delay: 0,07 sec

Also, I tried re-using an old shading technique, same as in that :dontclick: one. Doesn't look as good as I wanted it to, but it works. :P
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